Karakter Pemimpin Sejati.

Karakter Pemimpin Sejati.


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by | 28/09/2013 · 10:38 pm

4 responses to “Karakter Pemimpin Sejati.

  1. madakaripura

    Nice….posting ..more simple requirement…for the real leader…
    is it realy possible happened or just imagination…or only chating on this blog…or just discussion…or just history…???

  2. madakaripura

    How to learn to be real leader and to avoid such kind of difficulty…?
    Is there any special required thing to achieved it…??
    For example..from another posting shown by commented of someone that relation between Makrifat level and leadership…?? and finally mentioned ” Sangkan paraning Dumadi” but looks like other comment not argue..?
    So…How to connect this and what that’s means…..??
    In the others theory from abroad never mentioned it…also in this posting..?
    Let me know….!!

    • O-O

      Please be patient … writing will be continued to complete explanation of the relationship between “sangkan paraning dumadi” with leadership success.

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