The Leadership Journey


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8 responses to “The Leadership Journey

  1. pico

    Nice articles, No body perfect…!,

  2. pico

    It looks like need to import Superman and Doraemon with it’s pocket will help No body perfect…!! Isn;t it

  3. pico

    How come this legandary become true..or just dreaming.. or the community on this blog to be realistic..?

  4. pico

    May be looks like this blog to entertain the sadness most of people with the current condition. is it the name, a man or girl or angle..? even angle has also weakness, cause of the angle can not do anything without get permission from the only one. Let say a man, when he alone, can he make everything become the best…? So worry, waste the time with pain full waiting without any self improvement of each of people. I thinks he is not Superman or Doraemon as well.
    Have you review why current condition is pain full, frustation, anger, fight each other for some reason, curruption, cheating each other, money oriented, tricky.. etc…?

    • O-O

      Yeahh …. Slightly entertaining but will gradually take to face reality. I think, he was not referring to the personification ……. it was more towards the individual nature .. character personality …. hero character seems to have been lost on our most peoples mind. That’s all the root causes of the current condition. Thanks for your attention, I need to be patient a while longer …. if there is no change in the attitude of our community …. 😦 blog will be made private.

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